Saturday, October 24, 2009

Would I be able to be buried without a casket?

I dont want to be in a box, I want to have my body buried in the ground so my body decays into the earth. Not cremated. Is this illegal in the United States? If so, what other country might I be able to be buried in? Thanks.
It is only illegal if you are not dead yet!
I think the rules on this vary from state to state w/i the US. There are two reasons for requiring embalming %26 burial in a box. The first is a legitimate public health issue, as corpses are efficient disease vectors. The second is the predictable effort of funeral directors to protect their rice bowls.

That said, I think there's been some movement toward the type of fertilizer-like treatment you're looking for. In part this comes from the growing numbers of Muslim immigrants. Like Jews, Muslims aim to inter their dead within 24 hours of being called home, and their burials involve simple cleansing of the body and wrapping in shrouds. A recent article in the Washington Post noted that the state of Maryland is changing its regulations for the handling of the dead in order (appropriately, IMHO) to respect Muslims' customs.

Bottom line: do the research with the relevant part of your state's government--or arrange to die in a Muslim country.
To answer your question. It depends on the laws of you state regarding burial. Some cemeteries require a concrete box. A wooden casket will detiorate in time, and a concrete box provides no other protection than to prevent the ground from caving in. So, i would suggest a wooden casket, and a concrete box. You dont want dogs digging you up and spreading your bones over the neighborhood.

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